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The Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) is responsible for the welfare and protection of U.S. citizens abroad, for the issuance of passports and other documentation to citizens and nationals, and for the protection of U.S. border security and the facilitation of legitimate travel to the United States. This compilation of links, which address some of the most important issues that may arise during travel from the U.S., will assist you in better handling your travel needs before and during your trip. 


A passport is a U.S. citizen’s key to international travel. CA has a significant domestic presence, most notably the 29 U.S. Passport agencies and centers, 26 of which deal directly with the U.S. public. In 2016 alone, we issued over 18.6 million passports to U.S. citizens!


We offer several resources for U.S. citizens planning trips abroad. These resources include information about health, safety, security, transportation, local laws, visa requirements, and passport validity requirements for their destination. Enrollment in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) also allows U.S. citizens travelers to receive updates while traveling.

The U.S. Department of State and our embassies and consulates abroad have no greater responsibility than the protection of U.S. citizens overseas. We do this through routine and emergency services to U.S. citizens at our embassies and consulates around the world. We serve our fellow citizens during their most important moments – births, deaths, disasters, arrests, and medical emergencies.

Further useful information for the traveling U.S. public overseas.


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